Sorry but these wheels are not available at present (Feb 2013)


Is your Tormek grindstone going out of shape quickly? Then you must be a woodturner and you need a harder, tougher stone.
pink grinding wheels

Our special Tormek grinding wheels deliver

  • Fast cutting
  • Hard wearing grit
  • Longer life especially when used for HSS woodturning gouges, scrapers and chisels
  • A superb edge in seconds
  • Low price!

Why is the Tormek stone so soft?

The stone supplied with the Tormek is designed to be very soft so it is perfect for sharpening plane irons, chisels and other wide blades used by cabinet makers. Unfortunately, sharpening woodturning HSS gouges will strip abrasive from the soft stone at a rapid rate. Deep grooves in the surface soon appear and frequent dressing is needed - wasting precious grit.
Woodturners need a harder stone made specially to withstand the wear from HSS woodturning blades. Our stones are very hard wearing but actually cut quicker. Being made from the revolutionary microcrystalline grit they give superb edge quality.

(13/2/13) We may get some more made in a few months time


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