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You must protect your lungs and face

Airstream powered respirator The Trend Airshield Pro Powered Respirator
  • Quiet, Light and comfortable
  • Excellent filtration BS EN 12941 THP2
  • Flip-up polycarbonate visor protects your eyes and face
  • Self contained - no wires or tubes
  • Twin filter - easy to maintain
  • Saves space compared to dust extractors
  • Gives better protection than dust extractors
  • The ideal solution for woodturning
  • 8 hour Ni-MH battery
  • Weight 995gm
  • Airflow 160 l/min
  • Lung protection to BS EN 12941 THP2
  • Eye protection BS EN 166
Spares still available for previous Airshield model MK1


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