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Woodturning Scroll Chucks Compared


The Masterchuck £97.25

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vicmarc chuck Record RP4000 £159
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platter Supernova MKII £140
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platter Masterchuck with 3" extension jaws screwed on to the 8 fixing holes in the basic jaws.

The most versatile chuck is a four jaw scroll chuck.
We stock various chucks and we have designed and made multi purpose woodturning chucks for 30 years. Our Masterchuck design is a four jaw self centering chuck with a unique patented conical scroll mechanism.

What can the Masterchuck do? Why is it better than a conventional scroll chuck?
The Masterchuck will do what flat scroll chucks will do at a more economical price. The special Masterchuck conical scroll moves the jaws into and out of the front of the chuck at an angle. This gives a superior grip because the tightening forces are actually closer to the gripping surfaces of the jaws. It also means that the outer ring is smooth without jaws projecting from T slots as in a conventional scroll chuck. The dovetail gripping surfaces on the basic jaws (which always remain in the chuck so no dismantling is required) grip externally or internally. Smaller or larger extension jaws can be screwed onto the fixing holes in the basic jaws. More Masterchuck info.

The Supernova and Record RP4000 chucks have a flat scroll.
This gives them a greater jaw movement than the Masterchuck so you do not have to prepare the wood so accurately. The Record has internal 6:1 gearing and one-handed tightening with a T bar which is a great convenience. Like the Masterchuck it is beautifully made from quality hard wearing steel. Record RP4000 chuck page . The Supernova chuck has now been upgraded to the MKII with single handed T-bar operation similar to the Record (which is, by the way, virtually identical to the Vicmarc VM100). The Supernova MKII T bar has a ball end to the hexagon so it can be used at an angle. This is helpful when access to the chuck is restricted.

Which is the best chuck to buy?
This depends on your budget. Record and Supernova chucks are more convenient to use but more expensive. The Masterchuck will do the job well and provides a safe reliable grip. The outer surface of the Masterchuck does not have projections which could rap your knuckles. Masterchuck accessory jaws are very economically priced. All the chucks are versatile and take a wide range of accessories. The Masterchuck and Supernova (not the Record) has thread inserts which are easy to change, so if you upgrade your lathe to one with a different thread you can still use your chuck. Threads available

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