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The Record RP4000 Scroll Chuck for Woodturners


Masterchuck The RP4000 provides a reliable, hardwearing, easy to operate self-centering four jaw chuck.
Price £159 inc VAT and postage in UK
  • Powerful grip
  • Versatile
  • Sheer luxury of that 6:1 geared scroll with one handed effortless tightening.
  • High class engineering with hard K1045 carbon-steel components. Rust resistant and durable.
  • Wide range of quality accessories
  • Comes with the standard dovetail jaws carefully chosen to provide maximum versatility. Covers most projects without further expense.
  • Low overhang to reduce vibration and strain on lathe bearings
  • No dismantling required. Jaws are easy to change with the tool provided.
  • Integral calibrated indexing ring
  • Enclosed high ratio gears
Features and Specification
  • Four steel self centering jaws which grip both internally (expand into 47mm recess) and externally (compress onto 40mm "spigot").
  • Body diameter 100mm
  • Jaw movement is a huge 40mm change in diameter.
  • Available to fit 3/4"x16 or 1"x8 threads

RP4000 scroll chuck - Accessories


A Shark Jaws 35mm £34.99
B Shark Jaws 45mm £34.99
C Long Nose Jaws £34.99
D 25mm Jaws £34.99
E Faceplate Ring 82mm £9.95
F 100mm Dovetail Jaws £34.99
G Step Jaws £34.99
H 70mm Dovetail Jaws £34.99
I Sticky Chuck Small £5.11
J Sticky Chuck 60mm £6.20

Masterchuck minijaw set

Bowl Reverse Jaw Sets

285mm £64.50
385mm £66.50

Ordering a Record RP4000 Scroll chuck

The price of £159 includes chuck with internal/external jaws, screwchuck accessory screw, tools and instructions. Postage is free in UK (and covers any accessories ordered at the same time). For postage to any other countries please ask for a quotation. Please specify your lathe thread fitting 3/4"x16 or 1"x8tpi.

England and U.K. You can order just by sending an email but you should send your card details by secure means. The most convenient is to go to our secure server order form where you can fill in all your details including your order and card number and send it to us safely protected by 128 bit encryption. Just click on secure order form, fill in the details and click on the "submit" button. Alternatively you can telephone us on 01787 237291 (closed Mondays but there is an answerphone).

U.S.A.We regret that we can no longer supply chucks to US and Canada. more info

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