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To our customers in U.S.A. and Canada.

We regret that we have to suspend sales of some products including chucks and pyrography machines to The U.S.A. and Canada because we can no longer afford the increased premiums for product liability insurance. English insurance companies generally are still in a panic since 9/11. Hopefully they will return to sanity eventually and we will be able to resume business.

We realize that this will cause disappointment and inconvenience to customers and we are really very sorry to have been forced into this situation. We have been doing business with the North American continent for thirty years or more so it it a big setback for us.

Pyrography machines.
We are able to supply pens ("handpiece") without the transformer. It is possible to use American (or Canadian) made power units in some cases to power our pens. The power requirement is variable voltage up to 2.2 volts (will work on 1.8v) and current of up to 15 amps. Contact us for further details. Electrical knowledge and a soldering iron is needed as the connectors need to be changed to suit the power unit you have.
Our pens will not work on 12 volts. Maximum voltage is 2.5.

This page updated April 2006

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