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The Masterchuck for Woodturners


Masterchuck The Masterchuck provides a reliable strong chuck.
  • Powerful grip
  • Versatile
  • Interchangeable threaded inserts for different lathes
  • Easy to make your own wooden jaws.
Price £97.25 inc VAT

See our Thread list to see if the chuck can fit your lathe.

Masterchuck Features and Specification
  • Four steel self centering jaws which grip both internally (expand into 70mm recess) and externally (compress onto 38mm "spigot").
  • Jaw movement is 7mm change in diameter.
  • Jaws provided with fixing holes for attaching steel extension jaws or home-made wooden jaws of various sizes and shapes.
  • The chuck is opened and closed by rotating the outer ring with the aid of a tommy bar.
  • For safety, the outer ring of the chuck is smooth with no T slots or projecting jaw sliders. The outer ring is 80mm diameter giving a very compact chuck.
  • Locking ring, also 80mm diameter, is provided to lock the chuck solid and eliminate vibration in use.
  • Easily changed threaded inserts enable the chuck to fit almost any lathe thread up to 1,1/2" diameter.
  • Extensive 32 page instruction manual and quality tool set provided.

The Masterchuck offers a dependable versatile chuck at reasonable cost. It has just as good a grip as the more expensive scroll chucks and will do the same job. In some ways it is more versatile as it has the unique ability to freeze the jaws solid to facilitate making your own home-made wooden chuck jaws any size you like at little cost. The jaw movement is only 1/4" so you have to be careful to turn the workpiece to fit the jaws, but this process is easy with the aid of a simple gauge. The chuck is easy to use and, if you ever have to take it apart to clean it (some users never do this!) you will find that there are no fiddly springs or small parts to frustrate you and definitely no rubber bands.

Economical Masterchuck Accessories

Mini Extension Jaws
Masterchuck minijaw set

These extension jaws just screw on using the strong stainless fixing screws provided. Fitting them does not require you to dismantle the chuck

They grip internally into a 1,1/2" dovetail recess or extenally onto a 7/8" spigot.

Price set MCMJ £22.71 inc VAT

Micro Extension Jaws
Masterchuck micro jaw set

This set of extension jaws just screws on using the strong stainless fixing screws provided. Fitting them does not require you to dismantle the chuck

It grips into a 1" dovetail recess or externally onto a 3/8" spigot for tiny projects.

MCTJ £22.71 inc VAT

Wood Jaw Plates

This set of steel quadrants bolts onto the jaws of the chuck and provides secure mounting for home-made wood jaws. Just mount the roughly shaped wood pieces with wood screws, fit to the chuck, lock the jaws solid and turn the wood jaws to shape. They will run true if turned on the chuck.

The bottom picture shows a typical set made to reverse-grip a bowl or platter for cleaning up the other side or the bowl base.

Woodjaw plate set MCWJ £20.68 inc VAT

Other Chuck Accessories
More Masterchuck accessories such as faceplate rings, pin chucks and screwchucks,
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See our Thread list to see if the chuck can fit your lathe


Ordering a Masterchuck

The price of £97.25 includes chuck with internal and external jaws, locking ring, toolset and 32 page instruction manual. Postage is free in UK if you make up the order to over £120. For postage to any other countries please ask for a quotation. Please specify your lathe thread fitting from our thread list.

England and U.K. You can order just by sending an email but you should send your card details by secure means. The most convenient is to go to our secure server order form where you can fill in all your details including your order and card number and send it to us safely protected by 128 bit encryption. Just click on secure order form, fill in the details and click on the "submit" button. Alternatively you can telephone us on 01787 237291 (closed Mondays but there is an answerphone).

U.S.A.We regret that we can no longer supply chucks to US and Canada. more info

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