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Supernova chuck MKII

The Supernova MKII Scroll Chuck for Woodturners

A reliable, hardwearing, easy to operate self-centering four jaw chuck. Compared to the MK1 the gears are now enclosed and the T bar is much easier to insert.
Supplied with screwchuck insert for initial mounting of bowl blanks etc.

Guaranteed for five years

MkII Supernova chuck

The ball nose T bar gives effortless tightening and will tilt away from the chuck at an angle allowing the chuck to be used inside a bowl. This feature is handy for rechucking bowls which have been roughed out from green wood.

Supernova chuck and hex t bar
  • Powerful grip both ways
  • Versatile, compact, light weight
  • Easily changed threaded inserts for different lathe threads
  • Geared scroll with one handed T bar tightening.
  • Wide range of quality accessories
  • Low overhang to reduce vibration and strain on lathe bearings
  • No dismantling required. Jaws are easy to change with the tool provided.
  • The back of the chuck is enclosed with a plastic dust cover with 24 indexing holes moulded in
Features and Specification
  • Supplied with "50mm" steel self centering jaws which grip both internally (expand into 56mm recess) and externally (compress onto 49mm "spigot").
  • Machined steel body, diameter 100mm
  • Jaw movement - 15mm change in diameter (limited by safety stop screw)
  • If you change your lathe in the future you can change the threaded insert to fit the new thread.(maximum insert size 1,1/4"
  • Supplied with (see photo above) 50mm jaws, screwchuck insert, threaded insert to fit your lathe, ball end T bar, hex keys and manual in plastic storage case.

See our Thread list to see if the chuck can fit your lathe.

Ordering a Supernova Scroll chuck

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