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Correct tool sharpening is the key to enjoyable woodturning and we are here to help

Grinders and jigs. Every woodturner needs a grinder.
Grinders and Jigs-prices
Choosing grinding equipment-information

microcrystalline wheels

Grinding Wheels. Replace those hard grey wheels with a quality wheel for cool grinding and a keen cutting edge.
Micro Crystal and Pink grinding wheels

Technical information on how grinding wheels work

Grindstone dressers Even the finest grinding wheels need dressing regularly to refresh the grinding surface and restore cool cutting.
Diamond dressing tools and prices
sharpening manual
The Woodturner's Sharpening Manual

This book is packed with really useful sharpening information
Bevel angle data, hints on tuning up and sharpening all your tools, commercial and DIY jigs, selecting grinders and grinding wheels plus much more. 60 photographs and diagrams.

Only £3.95 post free in UK.

Is your stone wearing out of shape at an alarming rate? UPGRADE YOUR TORMEK!



  • Micro crystalline Tormek wheels specially formulated for woodturners.
  • The grit is harder, tougher and much longer lasting when used on woodturning gouges and scrapers.
  • They cut much quicker
  • The unique microstructure of the grit gives a very fine finish to the steel producing a super quality long lasting edge.
  • They self sharpen so the need for dressing is minimised giving a wheel with many times the life of the original stone.

More information on Tormek spare wheels

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