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Correct tool sharpening is the key to enjoyable woodturning and we are here to help

grinder and jigs Matrix Diamond wheel dresser
Removes blunt and clogged grit from the surface of the grindstone restoring maximum grinding performance. The tungsten block contains hundreds of embedded fine diamonds ensuring many years of useful life. Very easy to use.

Ideal for refreshing the surface on our blue or pink stones

Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride wheel dresser
Wider (45mm) and even easier to use than the Matrix this amazing tool will dress or reshape any kind of grindstone without effort. It has a single layer of crystals on the face. The mixture of diamonds and CBN (borazon) make it very durable.
Diamond and CBN grindstone dresser  
sharpening manualThe Woodturner's Sharpening Manual

This book is packed with really useful sharpening information
Bevel angle data, hints on tuning up and sharpening all your tools, commercial and DIY jigs, selecting grinders and grinding wheels plus much more. 60 photographs and diagrams.

Only £3.95 post free in UK.




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