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pyro machine

Power unit

The transformer is housed in a strong steel case and is available in 230 volt or 110 volt versions (110 volt versions may look slightly different). The control is robust and reliable and gives constantly variable heat from 0 to 10. The pen can be "parked" safely in a clip when not in use.

The pen plugs into 4mm sockets in the front panel and can be quickly interchanged with another pen with a different point. Remember that warm up time is only three or four seconds.

Everything about the machine is robust and conservatively rated. A lot of them are used in schools in England because they withstand abuse and all parts can easily be replaced if necessary. Some machines out there are 25 years old and still going strong!

burn leather

Spoon point for shading

The spoon points are shaped like a tiny teaspoon. The bowl of the spoon can be used for soft shading effects and the edge of the spoon is useful for texturing. They are difficult to make without special equipment but one comes with the machine and they can be obtained direct from us.

burn leather

Points for feathering and line work

These points are made by hammering a loop flat and cutting and filing it to make a small blade shape. They are excellent for producing fine clear lines. They can also be used flat on the wood for some shading effects.

pyro machine


There is plenty of power in reserve. Using a heavy duty lettering/shading point at maximum output the burning rate can be too much for comfort! However when used sensibly the pen can quickly produce large lettering and patterns for signs. The point shown was made from 23 gauge wire formed into a tiny coil to concentrate the heat. This one burns a line 3mm wide at 6mm per second. Wider coils can quickly be made and thicker wire could be used. The coils produce a striped texture. If the coil is filed smooth then the stripes can be got rid of. The heat is strong enough to "toast" the wood when held a short distance from the surface. This give a soft shading effect and can shade large areas quickly and uniformly. A thin shim of metal can be used as a mask to shield the heat and give a hard edge to an area of soft shading.

burn leather

Working with leather

The pen works extremely well on light coloured (preferably vegetable tanned) leather but the smell is terrible - get a fan with carbon filter!

You can also burn onto cork, gourds and thick paper.

Special points for leather and fine work
How to make your own points quickly and easily

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