Making your own points is easy!

Tools you will find useful

  • Small pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Small screwdriver
  • Sharpening stone for polishing the points
Switch off first!

Before removing the old point make sure you allow the terminals to cool. If you are impatient you could dip them in water

Snip off a length of wire about 1,1/4" (32mm) long. Use only the special nickel-chromium wire.

Mind your eyes! It would be best not to do it as shown but to direct the cut piece safely away from you.

Form the wire into a U shape. Fit into the terminals - not under the screw heads but between the nuts and terminal struts. Tighten.
Squeeze the end with pliers to the shape you want.
The tip should be compacted with the power switched on so the metal is softer. Done!


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