New points for fine detailed work

Introduced July 2003

New PP51 and PP52 points

Made from a new flat section alloy which is strong and rigid.
The tip radius is equivalent to that of a fine 26 SWG point (PP10) so it will do the same thickness of line.

The advantages over the old "fine" 26 SWG round wire points are as follows.

More about the PP52 points

The dual purpose PP52 point is the same as the PP51 but with one side ground away a little at an angle. This gives a better view of the fine tip as you work. It can be polished by rubbing on a sharpening stone to give a rounded surface. The rounded surface is good for shading effects - just flip the point over for shading or broader lines.
We do not stock the PP52 because, to get the angle of the little facet right for you, it is best if you do it yourself by buying (or making) PP51 and rubbing it on abrasive to suit the angle you normally work at. This is shown below and only takes a few seconds on a stone.

Prices (correct March 2009)
PP51 point £2.20 for pack of five
2metre flattened 23 SWG wire (in the new alloy) for making your own points £2.20

Shaping and polishing stones

These are the same as an "oilstone" used to sharpen chisels, perfect for shaping, polishing and cleaning pyrography points to keep them in peak condition. Double sided ones are best - coarse one side for shaping and fine the other side for polishing. If you do not have one of these you can use some fine abrasive paper or cloth stuck down to a block with double sided tape.

We are always happy to help users develop new points and new applications for the machine. If in doubt please ask!

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