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Woodturner's sticky chuck

This is a small disc of aluminium machined to fit the chuck jaws. The disc is glued to the wood with hot-melt adhesive and then held in the chuck. When the project is finished, heating the disc releases it leaving a flat surface with no recess, spigot or screw holes. It's perfect for small bowls, boxes, peppermills, thin wine coasters and a host of small projects. Some woodturners, once converted, use very little else. Made to fit Masterchuck, Vicmarc, Record4000, Multistar, Axminster etc

First the disc is heated on a hotplate of some kind such as an upturned iron. Alternatively a large soldering iron can be used. Hot melt stick or film adhesive is applied and melted. The disc is picked up with pliers and placed on the wood then allowed to cool.

The project is then turned in the chuck and the disc removed by re-heating.


The sticky chuck was developed by Jack Cox - you should read his book "Beyond Basic Woodturning" where he describes in detail the use of the sticky chuck system - not only for general gripping of small projects but for precise accurate work (he specialises in intricate laminated or built up turnings).

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