Where can you buy polish for woodturning?

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Many liquid polishes are classed as hazardous materials by the post office, and even by many couriers, so it can be hard to buy some products online or by mail order.

Can you buy online?

The Royal Mail is quite strict about inflammable liquids sent in the post. If they discover something like a tin of cellulose sanding sealer (it is as inflammable as petrol) in a parcel they can confiscate and destroy the whole parcel even if the parcel also contains non hazardous items - like a chuck! So you can lose the lot. It is understandable that many dealers will not supply polishes by mail order or they will apply higher postage costs. Some couriers can be persuaded to carry inflammable goods provided special labelling is used on the box outer. So you may be able to find a dealer that will take a chance and send polish to you. You would be best advised to go to the larger dealers who have more clout with the couriers.
Waxes and water based polishes are of course much safer so you should be OK with those.

Local shops

Chestnut products have a list of UK dealers here Chestnut Products
Many other brands of polish have websites with a similar list of dealers.

Woodturning clubs

Many woodturning clubs sell a small selection of hard to get items including polish, abrasives and glue at the club or branch meetings. So you could consider joining you local club. There is a list of AWGB branches here Club list

Make it youself!

A mixture of beeswax and carnauba wax makes a lovely polish. Carefully melt some and pour into aluminium foil moulds to set into a solid block. You can buy carnauba wax online and you can usually find a local source of bees wax. If you melt the stuff well into the grain of the wood on the lathe you may not need sealer.

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