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This beech platter was sent to me by Lesley Lanman as a thank you for repairing one of our oldest pyrography machines. Her machine had been in constant use for 20 years or more! She specialises in celtic designs and will do commissions. Contact me for details.

Tony and Christine Witham The sycamore bowl was beautifully turned by Tony Witham then pyrographed and painted by his wife Christine. The begonia leaf decoration continues around the edge and down the outside surface. The leaves were textured with pyrography before painting so they feel like real leaves. The full size image is 79k.

The hollow vessel is 12" high, turned from green ash by Tony. It was gripped in the Coil Chuck. The rim and foot were textured with the "spoon" pyrography point. The sides were pyrographed and then coloured with dye.
Tony is the woodturner and his wife Christine is a talented artist. They are to be found demonstrating turning and pyrography at all the major venues in the UK and he demonstrates turning here at the Peter Child workshop at least once a month. He is a very active and hard working member of the AWGB. Christine can sometimes be persuaded to give expert tuiton in pyrography. Tony produces a wide range of sycamore blanks including cheeseboards, platters etc sold unfinished ready for applied pyrographic decoration. Ask for a colour brochure and mail order price list. To contact Tony and Christine go to Witham woodcraft

Bob Neill. Bob is one of the leading exponents and demonstrators in pyrography in the U.K. In his workshop and studio in Derbyshire he has developed his techniques over the last 20 years. During the last couple of years or so he has been working on the "Art deco" abstract designs on a variety of turned work including bowls and platters.
Bob can be seen demonstrating at many of the major shows or giving talks to groups up and down the country. He stocks and sells the Peter Child pyrography machine and also runs pyrography courses - contact him on 01332 792036.

Mixo Sydenham (from Victoria, Australia) Mixo is raising the credibility of pyrography as a fine art by burning on paper. He is also the curator of one of the liveliest pyrography sites - Pyro Cafe - it's not to be missed!

The Pyro Cafe Gallery.

Daniel Wright. Daniel is a 24 year old freelance woodturner and artist living in Stowmarket in Suffolk, England. He will do any designs or lettering to order. His work is unusual in that the shading is produced with individual cross hatched lines. Contact him on 01449 612278

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