How to turn a small pepper grinder - part 2

rough down to a cylinder First we mount the square section wood between centres and rough down to the round with a roughing gouge.

Use a parting tool to turn a dovetail on the end and mount in the chuck.

Next task is to drill and turn the head of the mill. Here am using an engineers centre drill to start the hole to make sure the drill does not wander off centre upon entry. You could use the corner of a skew to create a small depression to do the same thing.

Drill in the planned depth of the peppermill head and no more. Withdraw the drill.

lubricate the drill with a candlePut a little candle wax on the drill for lubrication.

Then insert the drill to support the end of the cylinder while you turn the top or head of the mill. One advantage of this method is that you can cut right down to the drill with the gouge (or skew) without damaging the edge because the drill is stationary.

Use a parting tool to form the stub which fits into the top of the mill body. I made this just under 1 inch.

lubricate the drill with a candleFinish the top of the mill. You can sand and finish the head with some sealer at this stage.

Part off the head carefully but not all the way through. Remove the drill and finish cutting off with a saw unless you are very skilled.

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