Pin Chuck 1,1/2" fits Supernova, Patriot and G3 scroll chucks

Machined to fit the 50mm jaws of Patriot, Supernova, Nova or Record G3 scroll chucks
It is held firmly in the jaws by means of a machined steel dovetail. It also has a small pin which prevents any possibility of the pinchuck slipping around.
This 1,1/2" pinchuck is ideal for initial mounting of bowl blanks particularly natural edge blanks or irregular pieces which present no flat surface to which a faceplate can be screwed. The first pinchucks used a small loose pin which rolled on a flat, milled on the side of the pinchuck surface. Our much improved pinchuck uses a much larger pin which rolls on a cam shaped surface. The pin has a spring loaded ball at one end to keep it from falling off into the sawdust. The larger pin gives a much more secure grip even in soft green bowl blanks.
To use it you push it into the hole and twist. The pin rolls until it jams firmly in the gap between the wood and the cam shaped surface. To release simply twist the other way and pull out. The pinchuck will work in either direction of rotation.
You will need a 1,1/2" sawtooth bit or similar to drill the hole. Your sawtooth must not drill undersize as the pinchuck is precisely 1,1/2" but oversize is OK.
The pinchuck fits into a hole 2,1/8 inch deep.

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