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Little Yeldham - the home of Superflute Bowl Gouges

hollowing bowl

First designed and developed in Little Yeldham over 30 years ago, the Superflute remains the classic bowl gouge used by woodturners worldwide.

It is now made exclusively by Henry Taylor Tools in Sheffield from the finest high speed steels.

  • Made to our specification in many different sizes and forms
  • Sold by us with or without handles, with custom grinds if needed.
What bowl gouge do I need to start with? (and other FAQ's)
History of the Superflute (and about the special deep flute shape)
Price lists

Some superflute blades are shown above - all made from M2 HSS. They are normally ground square across but other grinds can be supplied. Starting from the bottom. .

A. Standard classic blade 11,1/2" x 5/8" diam. (5/8" Superflute HS1).
B. As above but longer flute. Longer life but not so rigid and strong.
C. Extra long blade. 14" x 5/8"
D. Standard 3/8" superflute (HS85). Popular with beginners.
E. 5/8" Superflute with angled tip for finishing cuts more info
F. 5/8" Superflute, angle tip, longer flute.more info
G. 3/8" Superflute with angled tip - discontinued - sorry

  Nominal Size Price for Blade only, inc VAT

With handle

A HS1 Superflute 5/8" £54.50 £64.50
B HS1X long flute 5/8" discontinued n.a.
C HS1XL 14" blade 5/8" £48.95 £52.95
D HS85 Superflute 3/8" £30.40 £35.40
E HS1A Angletip 5/8" £47.00 £52.09
F HS1AX Long flute angletip 5/8" £48.00 £52.09
G HS85A Angletip 3/8" discontinued n.a.
HS85E Superflute 3/8" £24.95 £28.95
HS1E Superflute 5/8" £47.95 £51.95
The "E" above denotes bulk-packed unbranded HSS tools - cheaper but still made by Henry Taylor and to the usual high standard. The handles are Henry Taylor 11,1/2" stained beech handles.
HS80 Superflute 3/4"   £74.96
HS136 Superflute 1"   £116.23 (has to be specially ordered)
The 3/4" superflute with 15" handle gives a total tool length of 25". The 1" superflute with handle is also 25" total length. Extra long handles (24") can be fitted to any tool.

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