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Correct tool sharpening is the key to enjoyable woodturning and we are here to help

new microcrystalline wheelsThe best grinding wheels you can buy for woodturning tools
Our special Micro crystal GRINDING WHEELS - NEW!
More information on how grinding wheels work Technical info

grinder and jigsWe Stock a large variety of grinders, grinding wheels, grinding jigs, wheel dressers, sharpening stones, diamond files etc.
6" grinder (actually a later model, dark blue in colour) with grey wheels and no jigs, no board £29.95

Angle jig (front) is extra £25.95

Robert Sorby gouge fingernail profiler jig - for easy grinding of spindle gouges and bowl gouges - £41.60

This book is packed with really useful sharpening information
Bevel angle data, hints on tuning up and sharpening all your tools, commercial and DIY jigs, selecting grinders and grinding wheels plus much more. 60 photographs and diagrams. Only £3.95

Carriage is extra (£3.50 in U.K.) VAT (sales tax) is included
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