Cubic Boron Nitride wheel 150 x 40 v. fine

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Sharpens your tools quickly and with no effort.
Heavy duty steel disc plated with cubic boron nitride (CBN) grit. Precision machined from a solid slab of steel 150mm diameter x 40mm wide. CBN plated over entire edge and also 18mm in from the face.
Fits to your grinder - maximum speed 3000 rpm. Works superbly well on Creusen 2850 r.p.m. or Creusen slow speed 1450 r.p.m.
Bore is 32mm but we will re-bush to suit your grinder as shown below or supply free of charge a precisely machined bush to suit your grinder shaft. Please specify the size you want. For example Creusen shaft is normally 15mm. Record 6" and most other 6" bench grinders are 1/2".
Will also fit to a lathe using a special adaptor (extra). See below.
Postage free in mainland UK
  • Perfect for sharpening all steel and HSS tools especially woodturning tools
  • Superfine grit for a superfine edge
  • Outlasts conventional wheels many times over
  • Outlasts diamond wheels many times over
  • Grinds cool and very fast
  • Does not wear down to a smaller size
  • Weighs over 2 kilo so the flywheel effect eliminates vibration and greatly enhances the quality of the edge obtained on the tool
  • Never needs dressing
  • You can grind skews on the face, leaving a flat bevel as shown on photo below
  • Hollowed out on one side leaving a thickness of 20mm in the centre. So it will fit most grinders including Creusen and Record RPBG6
Cubic Boron Nitride is far better than diamond for grinding steel and will outlast a diamond plated wheel many times over. It is also tougher so will perform well at all speeds up to 3000 rpm. No coolant is required. Hardly any sparks are generated, proving that the wheel is cutting much cooler and more efficiently than any conventional grinding wheel. Carbon steel carpenters tools and plane blades can be sharpened as well as HSS (with care!)

Fitting to your grinder

The hole in the centre is 32mm but we will re-bush to your requirements free of charge. Ordinary grindstone bushes are not good enough as perfect concentricity and true running is essential. We prefer to plug the hole and then bore out and precision ream to your grinder shaft size (for example 15mm for Creusen grinders). This is shown below. You may notice the balance mark and drilled holes in the image. We also balance each wheel individually to ensure perfect true running without vibration. There is no extra charge for this service. Note - for lathe mounting a removable bush is required and this can be provided if you prefer.
reaming the bore concentric with the periphery

wheel with machined chuck recesswheel with machined chuck recess
CBN wheel (a) showing dovetail chuck recess and (b) alternative mounting method - screwed onto lathe spindle direct
For lathe mounting we can machine a dovetailed chuck recess to enable the wheel to fit chuck jaws, at extra cost, or alternatively we can supply a threaded adapter which enables the wheel to screw onto your lathe thread. Please contact us for details rather than attempt to order online. The "contact us" link is on the right of this page under "Postage info".
Shipping cost to U.S.A. is £26. (contact us direct by email for exact quotation - do not order online if you live outside theUK)

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