Pro Edge Plus sharpening machine

ProEdge is a revolutionary sharpening system introduced by Robert Sorby.
The ProEdge is a purpose built machine which employs an abrasive belt. It provides a quick and efficient method of putting a keen edge on each and every tool. The cool running belt avoids any overheating.
  • Produces flat bevel with no hollow curve
  • Cool fast grinding, cool enough for carbon as well as high speed steel blades
  • Easy belt change. Choose from very coarse grit for re-shaping to extremely fine for a razor edge, with many grades available in between.
  • Very solid and stable angle jig is included.
  • Bevel angle settings on the jig are positive and accurately repeatable
  • Fingernail profiler jig and skew chisel jig included
  • Many optional upgrades and attachments available
  • Excellent engineering quality - made in Sheffield.

The ProEdge Plus comes complete with one aluminium oxide 120grit, one aluminium oxide 240 grit and one zirconium 60 grit belt. Ceramic belts and fine zirconium belts are also available with enhanced performance when sharpening high speed steel blades. Also included with the ProEdge Plus is a skew chisel jig, a fingernail gouge profiler jig and a standard gouge jig (shown in the top photo).

The built in adjustable table with it's angle setter shown below allows the user to accurately locate most of the common sharpening angles required by woodworkers. However, the user can easily set his own angle if he wishes to move away from any of these common pre-set angles - 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 60, 80 and 90 degrees.
The angle setter ensures that the same angle can be achieved accurately time after time. There is no complex setting up involved. In fact, the ProEdge can be used straight out of the box. The ProEdge is ideal for those who need to sharpen carving tools, bench chisels, framing chisels, turning tools, plane irons, router bits, garden tools and much more. As optional extras, honing wheels and buffing mops may be added to give the ProEdge even greater versatility. We particularly recommend that you use the ceramic belts when sharpening high speed steel tools.
Technical specification: Motor : 1/2 hp (375w) Belt speed : 700 ft (220m) per minute
Shown below is the angle adjustment device which provides rock solid accurate settings for all turning tools and other tools besides. You can also see the slot in the table which accepts various sharpening jigs which are included with this Pro Edge Plus
The table can be replaced with a narrower version for small tools.
angle setting mechanism

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