Pyrography by Mixo Sydenham

Mixo is from Victoria in Australia. He has created one of the best pyrography sites which you should certainly visit and bookmark if you are interested in pyrography. There is a large and excellent gallery with pieces from many international artists.

Mixo is involved in the International Association of Pyrographic Artists which is a group of artists and interested individuals. The objective is to promote pyrography and exchange information on the mailing list system which Mixo has set up.

He is working hard to raise awareness of pyrography worldwide and the status of the medium in the eyes af the art establishment. Why should paint on canvas or paper be inherently better or higher art than pyrography? To make more impact Mixo has done some good pyrography on paper (paper being a more acceptable material than wood) and Micky Duck above is an example. More can be seen on his excellent website but come back please!

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