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We supply a wide range of levers

Ratchet handles are also known as Bristol levers. You can quickly adjust the spring loaded serrated clutch mechanism (its not really a ratchet) so that the handle is out of the way when tight.

We do them in three different qualities . . .

We supply them in metric or imperial threads and specials can be made. (We need full dimensions etc to do this)

Prices of the handles we normally stock are as follows. "L" is the length of the handle. It is helpful if you specify the minimum thread length when ordering. "Machined" means the end has been shaped to fit into the slot in the tailstock quill which is needed on some lathes.

L mm Male Female Machined
M6 plastic ratchet42£4.65£4.15£4.65
M6 all metal H. Duty42£14.22 £14.10 £15.22
M8 all metal H. Duty65 £14.80 £14.30 £15.80
M10 plastic ratchet80£7.85£7.20£8.35
M10 all metal H. Duty78 £17.82 £17.20 £18.82
M10 Xlarge all metal92 £21.60 £21.10
M12 plastic ratchet80 -£7.85 -
M12 all metal H. Duty92 £22.60 £22.60
5/16" Whitworth plastic65£9.24 - -
5/16 Whitworth metal65£15.80 - -
3/8" Whitworth plastic80£9.24 - -
3/8" Whitworth metal78£18.82 - -
1/2" Whitworth metal 92 £24.60


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