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Hand made gold plated brass hinges for turned boxes

These fine quality attractive hinges make box making easy. Just epoxy the two turned halves of the box to the hinge. They look great with dark red wood. Hinges are available with or without a shell shaped clasp (shown in the group photo).

They are hand made to very high standards by a small family business. They hard solder the parts precisely into position so these hinges are much stronger than other similar (but soft soldered) products which you might come across. The material is also thicker and there is a good thickness of 22 carat polished gold plating over the brass.

Prices are as follows

Diameter Price (no clasp) Price with shell clasp
40mm £3.04 not available
45mm £3.23 £3.23
60mm £4.41 not available
67mm £4.60 not available
80mm £5.06 £5.06
89mm £5.89 not available
100mm £6.28 £6.28
142mm £8.36 £8.36

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