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Chucks in stock (usually)

MasterChuck II - four jaw self centering with extra strong grip £94.25. Stocked to fit most lathes.
Coil chuck - novel chuck with excellent grip for large hollowing projects - only £79 More info on coil chuck
Treat yourself to a superb Vicmarc chuck. VM100 with standard dovetail jawset, machined screwchuck screw and thread insert to fit your lathe £148.50. Full range of Vicmarc chucks and accessories available to order.
Axminster chucks and accessories all available but not always in stock
Drill chucks - 1/2" £19.70 specify 1 or 2 morse taper. Ours are the only ones which can be retained in the taper with a drawbar for used to grip miniature wooden pieces.
Carriage is extra. VAT (sales tax) is included
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