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hollowing bowl

Angletip in action.

Angletip Superflutes

These are the same as standard superflutes except that the flute at the tip is upturned at an angle. They are excellent for taking fine sweeping finish cuts inside a bowl. They slice away torn grain and make it easy to generate a smooth curve without "steps" in the shape.

They have two bevels - A and B in the diagram. Bevel A rubs on the wood stabilising the cut. Being a short bevel it rides around the curve easily. Angletip gouges can reach into quite deep bowls and still retain total control of the cut and a fine finish. The handle of the tool can be horizontal if need be - making it easy to use even on small non-pivothead lathes.

If the edge is honed with a stone rather than ground every time the edge will be superior and the angled tip will last a long time. When the tip is eventually used up you are left with a normal superflute bowl gouge. We charge the same price as a normal tool so you could view it as a superflute with a bonus! It is intended as second gouge for finishing - you need another standard gouge for waste removal and shaping. Now available only in 5/8" size.

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