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town scene old house
Daniel Wright.

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Daniel is a 24 year old freelance woodturner and artist living in Hadleigh in Suffolk, England. His work is unusual in that the shading is produced with individual cross hatched lines. My hasty snaps taken during his last visit cannot do justice to the quality of his work. The town scene (top right) is a little fuzzy in my shot and I will try to get a better photo next time. The workmanship in the detail is astonishing.

plattermoney boxes etc

Various commercially made blanks, boxes and money boxes decorated with pyrography. Also a sycamore turned platter about 8 inches diameter.

2 money boxes A more detailed picture of the money boxes.

windmill scene A really fine carved and pyrographed scene on a plank of - I believe - chestnut wood. By some trick of photography this appears smaller than it really is. The plank is about eighteen inches long.

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