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What is Pyrography?


Pyrography is applying graphics with heat. People all over the world and throughout history have decorated wood by burning marks on the surface.

Almost any hot object can be used. Metal "pokers" heated in a fire, metal objects with interesting shapes (such as gear wheels from old clocks) blowlamps, hot sand and of course the modern electrically heated stylus can be used as a brand or to produce works of art.

Type "pyrography" into a search engine and look for images. You will find thousands of examples of works of art done in the medium. On the right here I have shown a lovely turned beech platter with celtic design by Lesley Langham and below a magnificent portrait of an old house by Daniel Wright. Below that are a selection of household objects and ornaments which can be decorated.

Any suitable surface can be decorated by pyrography. Wood, cork, leather and paper are used.

pyrograph by Daniel Wright selection of pyrographed objects

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IMPORTANT for customers outside the U.K.

The link above leads directly to the UK version with UK 13 amp power cord and plug. Suitable units are available for other countries as follows : - -
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Machines are,in fact, available for most countries complete with the appropriate power cord and plug and with a transformer suited to the electrical supply. The Turners Retreat website lists UK, European, American, Canadian, Australian and Japanese versions and may expand the list as time goes on. Robert Sorby is the manufacturer now and machines are available from some Robert Sorby retail outlets. See the website for a list of dealers in your country.

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Turners Retreat also trade as Craft Supplies. They sell Pyrography tools and also woodturning tools, accessories and sundries. They have a shop, a web shop and a nice printed mail order catalogue.