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Some my of favourite woodturning and pyrography sites

Woodturners Mike Abbott pole lathe turner, green woodworking
Kostas Gourvelos One of the growing band of ace woodturners in Greece. Take a look at his jewellery gallery!
Keith Elliot Intricate lattice turning with home built fly cutters, eccentric chucking and lots of fascinating woodturning gadetry
Mick Hanbury - Artistic WoodturnerTeacher, demonstrator and skilful woodturner. Micks website features a gallery of very impressive pieces of original and inspiring design. He also produces and sells his own range of instructive DVD's
Brian Partridge SECB and AWGB stalwart.
Tom Pockley SECB member, teacher and demonstrator.
Robin Wood Bowl turning on a pole lathe
Robin FawcettTree grower, "treewright" and woodland manager, green woodworker and woodturner rolled into one. Robin is an excellent demonstrator of the pole (alias bungee) lathe, side axe, shaving horse and everything to do with woodland crafts.

Useful info for woodturners Turning wet wood
Excellent source of information. from Steven D. Russell.
More Tips, Techniques and Projects "Around the Woods". Very interesting site with loads of excellent homebrew content.
Intro to woodturning For beginners - good effort by Brian Clifford
Lui's links Lots of woodturning and woodworking links
Woodturning information and reference site By Alan Green, Dorset, England.
Tom Rettie's ancient lathes article Medieval lathes and home made wooden treadle lathes
woodworking.about.comLearn the basics of turning

Clubs and woodturning organizations

AAW. The Association of American Woodturners
The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB)
SECB This is the Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire branch of the AWGB. This woodturning group meets in Little Yeldham on the first Thursday of every month.
The Association of Pole Lathe Turners
Cambridge Woodturners The Cambridge branch of the AWGB. This woodturning group meets in Perne Road Cambridge.

Tuition in woodturning and pyrography
List of courses across the UK
Article on learn to turn on the Toolspost website
Another list of courses across the UK - some entries out of date
Woodturning courses in Essex with Mick Hanbury
Woodturning courses with Phil Irons
Woodturning courses at Yandles, Martock
Woodturning courses with Tracy Owen
Woodturning courses at the Toolpost
Woodturning courses at Turners Retreat

Commercial sites
Robert Sorby, Sheffield. One of the most attractive and interesting sites for HSS woodturning tools - and more - from this innovative and well established tool manufacturer
Turners Retreat, Harworth. Comprehensive range of woodturning tools, accessories and consumables. Also they distribute the pyrography machines formerly made by us.
N B Timbers Quality timber woodturning blanks. Located in Braintree, Essex. Mostly locally sourced and air dried.
Henry Taylor Tools, Sheffield. This traditional manufacturer offers a vast array of turning and carving tools made to the very highest standards.
Chestnut Products dealer list Chestnut offers a range of waxes and polishes ideal for woodturning.

Susan RobeyPyrography tuition. Pyrography commissions. Pyrography lessons in Lincolnshire.
The Toyman Pyro blanks for sale
Turners Retreat, Harworth. They are main distributors for the pyrography machines formerly made by us.
Woodworks Craft SuppliesPyro blanks and more
Tracey Anniston Lots of her pictures and her story about how she got started in pyrography. Some good tips for beginners. A nice example of a personal website.
John Carless - Bulldog Burning Great pyrography here. Stunning designs and portraits on guitars made from cigar boxes.
Lisa Raby. Her personal pyro site.
Bob Neil's website Bob Neil is a well known demonstrator and teacher. Some of his work is shown in the gallery. He is known for his dramatic and sometimes colourful designs on turned wooden platters but there is much more to see . .
Jenny SteerJenny is a talented artist and illustrator of books particularly childrens books. She has some stunning designs on display here which include some marvellous pyrography
Joanne's home page Jo is a very talented artist and designer and it shows on a great variety of excellent images on her website. Well worth the download time and don't miss the tagua nut gallery! Beginners should take note of the range of tones on her pyrographic works - giving realistic depth to the picture. So many pictures are just two dimensional patterns, but pyrography is capable of much more.
Helena Sivak Pyrographic Art
Attractive city and street scenes seen from the eye of a talented artist. There is much more in other media such as pencil, pen and ink and some landscape paintings. Very classy and professional. She does commissions.
Richard Withers Richard does portraits, calligraphy and much else. Pyrography/woodturning courses and pyrography commissions done to order. Near Pontypool, Gwent World class bird carving
The Caning Shop and Gourd Pyrography The Gourd Pyrography Book described. Even if you are not particularly interested in gourds the marvellous designs and descriptions of innovative pyrographic methods will inspire you

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